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DOI Handbook Chinese Translation

The DOI Handbook has been translated into Chinese. Click here to view the translation. Please contact Mr. Huang Yi of ISTIC at huangyi@istic.ac.cn for assistance with the Chinese version.

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DOI Outreach Meetings

DOI outreach meetings were held in Asia in December 2013, on December 4 in Taipei and December 6 in Beijing. These were one day meetings were organised by local DOI Registration Agencies (Airiti, Inc. in Taipei; The Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC) and China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) in Beijing). The meeting theme was "Open Meeting: Innovative Content Applications Driven by DOI". Each meeting gave an overview of DOI and its underlying principles, followed by presentations from several RAs (CrossRef, DataCite, and EIDR) describing how they have implemented DOI for their industries and giving examples of the applications that have been built. Presentations from the outreach meetings are available here.

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Another DAM podcast interview with Norman Paskin

Transcript of Norman Paskin's interview with Henrik de Gyor, July 12, 2012. Dr. Paskin discussed his involvement with Digital Asset Management, his involvement in the development of ISO Standard 26324 and the standard's application to DAM systems (among many other Enterprise Content Management solutions), and his advice for DAM Professionals and people aspiring to become DAM Professionals. View the transcript and listen to the podcast.

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DOI System reaches one billion resolutions per year

The DOI system reached a significant point in its development during 2012, with DOI resolution growing to a rate of one billion DOI resolutions per year. 2012 also saw the publication of the DOI system as international standard ISO 26324 and the appointment of additional Registration Agencies. Further developments are continuing in 2013.

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China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) Appointed New DOI Registration Agency

The International DOI Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of a further Registration Agency in China. China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), launched in 1988, is the largest authoritative, comprehensive source of China-based information resources in the world, reflecting the latest developments in Chinese politics, economics, humanity and social science, science and technology. The parent company of CNKI is Beijing-based Tsinghua Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Company (TTKN), founded by Tsinghua University. CNKI publishes databases containing e-journals, newspapers, dissertations, proceedings, yearbooks, reference works, etc. CNKI is the second agency to be appointed in China, with ISTIC already a major agency in the DOI community. The appointment of a second DOI agency in China reflects the importance of the digital sector in one of the world's largest economies.

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DOI system strengthens social infrastructure

DOI Registration Agencies are free to offer to their customers unique services built on DOI registration. The DOI system has now agreed an additional Registration Agency Collaboration Policy, which provides safeguards ensuring that customers can choose from multiple Registration Agencies for appropriate services whilst avoiding the allocation of multiple DOI names to the same entity, or conflicting services for one DOI name. The policy also sets out appropriate measures for sharing information across DOI Registration Agencies within the DOI federation. The policy joins other existing policies which form a social infrastructure unique to the DOI system, which ensures persistence and interoperability. For further information see the DOI Handbook, Chapter 6, Policies.

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Additions to DOI technical infrastructure

The DOI system provides a dedicated infrastructure system for DOI users, comprising 45 DOI handle servers in 12 international locations, in addition to the underlying Global Handle Registry™ (GHR) and DOI HTTP proxy servers, all of which are also distributed across multiple international locations. In 2013, the International DOI Foundation extended this dedicated DOI network further by initiating multiple cloud-based server resources to provide additional flexibility and resilience; the Foundation has also improved the management of existing resources.

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Linked Content Coalition 

The International DOI Foundation continue to participate in the Linked Content Coalition, the framework for a fully interoperable and fully connected standards-based communications infrastructure to help businesses and individuals manage and communicate their rights more effectively online. The LCC has recently published technical material including a detailed data model and identification specification: final versions will be published when the project completes its activities later this month. The International DOI Foundation will use LCC specifications in developing further DOI applications complementing techniques already available for using DOI names with Linked Data applications.

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