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IDF Open Meeting: Resource Access for a Digital World
17 June 2008

Offices of the European Union
Brussels, Belgium

Hosted by the Office of Publications of the European Union (OPOCE)

Each summer the International DOI Foundation holds a meeting for its member organisations and external participants; in recent years these have developed into thematic meetings. This year's main theme is resource access for the digital world: the use of identifier systems, especially the DOI® System and Handle System®, in libraries and related areas, to provide persistence, support description and social infrastructure through management across open networks.
The meeting was held in conjunction with the 2008 Handle System Workshop. Presentations from the meeting are available below.
DOI System, Resources, and the Networked Environment, Norman Paskin, IDF
Resource Description and Access for the Digital World, Gordon Dunsire, Centre for Digital Library Research, University of Strathclyde
Enabling Access By Permission; Standards for Rights Expression Within the ONIX Family, Brian Green, Editeur
Access to Non-textual Information: The Big Challenge for Libraries – What the DOI System Can Do to Help,
Jan Brase, TIB Germany
Access to National Resources, Jill Cousins, Executive Director, European Digital Library Foundation
Also of interest from the Handle System Workshop:
DOI Impact on End Users, Ed Pentz, CrossRef
Updated 19 June 2008

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