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[Ref-Links] Openly Jake

jake.openly.com is now officially open at http://jake.openly.com/

For those on the list unfamiliar with Jake, Jake is an open-source 
project (started at http://jake.med.yale.edu/) devoted to making it 
easy to find, manage and link to journals at libraries. Jake has 
gathered title lists of almost 200 different journal aggregations and 
contains more than a quarter million records. Jake is far from being 
a finished thing, but it is already quite useful.

Jake is a potentially important development for multiple resolution 
of CrossRef DOI links. As of this version, Openly Jake understands 
article oriented non-DOI OpenURL links. We have studied how to add 
DOI capability to Jake, and we've concluded that it will be 
straightforward and will make a lot of sense to do it. Because Jake 
is free, there is an excellent chance that Jake can get installed in 
thousands of libraries to deliver locally configured basic serials 

Eric Hellman
Openly Informatics, Inc.
http://www.openly.com/           21st Century Information Infrastructure
Openly Jake- the library of the future                http://jake.openly.com/

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