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[Ref-Links] syndication, the next generation of linking

I've been playing around with syndication links on one of our toy 
sites, and I think it's worth about 5 minutes of y'all's time to 
think about how this technology can be used in e-journal publishing.

Go to http://b.ooks.org/odp.html and notice the "Open Directory 
Project" content.

This was placed on the page with 2 lines of code:

<script language="javascript" 

Syndication of content is a huge trend on the internet. Aggregation 
of content of all types will never be the same. And delivering 
content into syndication is getting very easy.

Think about how medline has been syndicated in the past. Think about 
how it could be syndicated now.

Eric Hellman
Openly Informatics, Inc.
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