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Washington - Geneva, August 7, 2001. The International DOI Foundation (IDF) and Japan-based Content ID Forum (cIDf) agreed to collaborate on building infrastructure for management of digital intellectual property. Both organizations develop specifications for content identification and metadata that enable e-commerce and rights transactions for copyrighted information.

Norman Paskin, Director of the IDF, and Hiroshi Yasuda, President of cIDf, agreed, "Convergence rather than divergence of the two systems will benefit the wider community of users. The similarity in approach of these two major initiatives was recognized as ground to reconcile differences to create interoperable infrastructure. IDF and cIDf will share information on system development and work with open collaborations such as participation in MPEG-21 (Moving Picture Experts Group)."

Information exchange between the media industries was also underlined at the recent Annual IDF Meeting (sponsored by Hewlett Packard), where organizations from the publishing, music, television, library and technology industries gathered to share information on development of policy and technical infrastructure for digital copyright management. Keynote and panel presentations at the annual IDF meeting, included:

  • Robert Kahn, co-TCP-IP inventor and founder of the Corporation for National Research Initiatives, explained how digital object approaches are vital to business and society in the information age -- as is reconceptualizing the Internet from the movement of data packets to the management of information.
  • Doug Armati, author of a 1995 report on Information Identifiers which prefigured the DOI initiative, endorsed the wider remit of DOI, going so far as to call for widening the DOI Foundation's operations "to facilitate policy and organizational infrastructure globally that will result in DOIs being used to identify EVERY possible Digital Object -- not just in the media industries."
  • Godfrey Rust demonstrated how the DOI Namespace and Application Profiles provide a semantic "Holy Grail" to enable interoperability across industries and languages.
  • Paul Jessop/International Federation Phonographic Industry, Richard Hopper/BBC Technologies, Kurt Molholm/Defense Technical Information Center, and Stuart Ede/British Library discussed the opportunities of the DOI infrastructure for their respective sectors when each controlled the development of specialized services.

A demonstration of DOIs for eBooks from the event can be seen free of charge -- this particular implementation for eBooks is translatable for other media e.g. audio, audio/visual, image, etc.

For more information or to enquire for a copy of the meeting on video or copies of any of the above presentations, contact info@doi.org.

The following handouts from the annual meeting are available online:

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About the International DOI Foundation:

The DOI is a system for interoperably identifying and exchanging intellectual property in the digital environment. A DOI assigned to content enhances a content producer's ability to trade electronically. It provides a framework for managing content in any form at any level of granularity, for linking customers with content suppliers, for facilitating electronic commerce, and enabling automated copyright management for all types of media. The International DOI Foundation, a non-profit organization, manages development, policy and licensing of the DOI to registration agencies and technology providers and advises on usage and development of related services and technologies. The DOI system uses open standards with a standard syntax (ANSI/NISO Z39.84) and is currently used by leading international technology and content organizations.

This is a service announcement for the International Digital Object Identifier foundation and has been prepared to increase you awareness about important developments to enable digital copyright management of intellectual property. For more information, please contact info@doi.org.

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Updated: 8 Aug 2001
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