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IDF Service Announcement 11-01
Founding sponsors EDItEUR and the International DOI Foundation (IDF) will be joined by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPA), the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), Accenture, ContentGuard, Enpia Systems, and Melodies and Memories Global (a subsidiary of Dentsu) in a Consortium formed to develop a Rights Data Dictionary - a common dictionary or vocabulary for intellectual property rights named <indecs>2RDD. <indecs>2RDD will be developed to enable the exchange of key information between content industries and ecommerce trading of intellectual property rights.
Rightscom, the digital rights strategy consultancy, has been appointed project manager of the Rights Data Dictionary Consortium and <indecs>2RDD will be submitted to MPEG for its December Pattaya, Thailand meeting. The scope of <indecs>2RDD embraces the rights description framework, including rightsStatements, rightsAgreements, rightsTransfers, permissions, prohibitions, requirements, legal terminology, creation descriptions and financial terms and conventions. <indecs>2RDD will create a common data layer of rights terminology and semantics so software vendors can then map technology, thus facilitating and widening the choices open to rights holders seeking to develop protected delivery of digital content. Consumer experience will be enhanced by improving access to digital content.
"The development and implementation of a successful standard for digital rights is of vital importance to industry and consumer alike," said Norman Paskin of the IDF who is Chairman of the Advisory Board of < indecs >2RDD. "In order to develop such a standard, we approached industry-leading companies with a wide range of expertise in the digital field. The caliber and diversity of focus of the consortium members shows how seriously many industries are taking the issue of interoperability."
Learning Objects Network, Inc. (LON) has been appointed as the fourth DOI Registration Agency this year. LON will register DOIs for use in the management of learning objects and is working with partners including Sun Microsystems and Artesia Technologies to develop an Advanced Distributed Learning project for the U.S. Department of Defense and others.
Learning Objects Network is an Internet infrastructure company dedicated to facilitating the secure commercial transaction of high value digital content for publishers, corporations, the military, military contractors, medical information providers, training and education providers. Internet infrastructures consists of families of applications or frameworks that provide digital content management, identification, search and delivery, security and content protection, digital rights management and payment for e-commerce systems. LON was founded by John Purcell and Vince DiPaola in March of 2000 who specialized in the installation of digital asset management software for large organizations, including Sony, Paramount, Bloomingdale's, Victoria's Secret, State Farm Insurance and others.
Tracy Flynn, Chief Architect of LON, said: "We have selected the DOI as the most mature and effective vehicle for identifying and tracking digital content within the Learning Objects Network initiative. We have found that the DOI meets current technical and business requirements, and has the capabilities to address the anticipated growth in the business model. We bring to the IDF as part of this application a new and very large community of interest."
LON joins a growing list of DOI Registration Agencies appointed during the past year, including CrossRef, Content Directions, Inc., and Enpia Systems, Ltd. (Companies that have applied to become official DOI Registration Agencies are being contacted. Companies interested in applying should contact
For more information contact Tracy Flynn at LON (
At the Frankfurt Book Fair (Germany), the publishing industry's largest annual trade show, commercial implementations and demonstrations from initial DOI Registration Agencies were unveiled. The DOI System has the potential for ubiquitous use in digital commerce of content and provides the basis to facilitate the use of digital intellectual property in a legal, controllable, and easy to manage way.
Norman Paskin, Director of the International DOI Foundation said: "The DOI is a key event in the creation of content management for digital networks, built on sound foundations and Internet technology developed by one of the original inventors of the Internet and TCP/IP protocol, Robert Kahn. Launched in 1997, the delivery of these proven commercial implementations marks a milestone for the content industries and demonstrated the DOI's applicability to enabling digital commerce of text, images, audio, and audio visual content."
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Learning Objects Network
The DOI is a system for interoperably identifying and exchanging intellectual property in the digital environment. A DOI assigned to content enhances a content producer's ability to trade electronically. It provides a framework for managing content in any form at any level of granularity, for linking customers with content suppliers, for facilitating electronic commerce, and enabling automated copyright management for all types of media. The International DOI Foundation, a non-profit organization, manages development, policy and licensing of the DOI to registration agencies and technology providers and advises on usage and development of related services and technologies. The DOI system uses open standards with a standard syntax (ANSI/NISO Z39.84) and is currently used by leading international technology and content organizations.
This is a service announcement for the International Digital Object Identifier Foundation and has been prepared to increase your awareness about important developments to enable digital copyright management of intellectual property. For more information, please send your request to
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