Using the VMF matrix with Protégé

The VMF ontology was reviewed during the compilation process using version 4 of the open-source Protégé ontology editor. This is available for download from the Protégé website.

The required namespace prefix declarations found at the top of the TTL files (they are identical in each) should be added to the user's Protégé application using the "Prefixes…" function on the "Edit" menu. If this is not done the prefixes will not show on any terms (which of course means that it will not be clear whose vocabulary they belong to). This only needs to be done once, but when any new namespaces are added they will need to be added to the user's Protégé as well. "AVS" means "Allowed Value Set". The current namespace prefixes used in the VMF matrix are:

  • rdf:
  • rdfs:
  • owl:
  • vmf:
  • ns:
  • rdaonix:
  • rdaonixAVS:
  • ddex:
  • ddexC:
  • onix:
  • onixAVS:
  • frbr:
  • frbrAVS:
  • dc:
  • dcAVS:
  • crm:
  • crmAVS:
  • rdd:
  • rddAVS:
  • rda:
  • rdaAVS:
  • marc21:
  • marc21AVS:
  • lom:
  • lomAVS:

Each time an ontology is loaded into Protege, the function "Convert property assertion on class/individual puns to annotations" on the "Refactor" menu should be run. This normally only takes ten or fifteen seconds. Without this the definitions, comments and URIs will not be displayed in the "Annotations" tab.