DOI® Name Resolver Button

Adding the DOI Name Resolver Button to your web browser Links/Shortcuts Bar will permit you to resolve a DOI that appears on a web page by highlighting it, and clicking on the button. Or, click on the button to display a text box into which you can type or paste a DOI name to resolve.
Note that the DOI Name Resolver Button is JavaScript. Your Security and Privacy settings, especially for Windows, will affect the performance of this tool. It might not operate properly with some browser version and platform version combinations.
Internet Explorer for PC:
  1. Make sure that the Links toolbar is visible. (Right click on the toolbar and make sure that "Links" is checked.)
  1. Right click on this DOI name link and select "Add to Favorites". (The link contains a script. Windows may display a Security Alert. Select Yes to continue.) Use the default name or change it, and from the 'Create in:' list, select the Links folder. 'DOI Name' will appear in your list of Links.
  1. Depending on your IE security settings, you may be asked to confirm that you trust the scripted window when you use it.
  1. Resolve a DOI name in a displayed document by highlighting it and clicking on the DOI name button in your Internet Explorer Links toolbar. If you click on the button without selecting a DOI name, a dialog box will prompt you to select a DOI name to resolve.

    Test the button by either clicking on it and pasting 10.1000/261 into the text box, or by highlighting the string 10.1000/261 and then clicking on the DOI name button. Either should redirect your web browser to the DOI System Information Kit.
Firefox for PC or Mac:
  1. Use the View/Toolbars menu to display the Bookmarks Toolbar.
  1. Drag this DOI name link onto the Bookmarks Toolbar. A 'DOI name' item will display.

    You can now resolve a DOI name by highlighting it and clicking on the item in the toolbar, or clicking on the button and pasting the DOI name into the text box provided.
The button is based on the bookmarklet technology described at www.bookmarklets.com.
DOI_disc_logo ®, DOI®, DOI.ORG®, and shortDOI® are trademarks of the International DOI Foundation.