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[Ref-Links] link button sizes

In implementing an XHTML linker with S-Link-S Metadata, the question of
link button sizes presented itself. The S-Link-S Metadata schema includes a
field for web service providers to specify the URL of a link button GIF to
assist in identifying to users who is being linked to. In a real
application, supplying the size of a GIF is good practice, and make the web
page load faster.

In the web advertising world, there is an industry standard size for banner
ads,  468x60 pixels. It would be good to get our act together and decide on
a standerd reference-link button size. I'd say a good size for a
reference-link button would be about 15 pixels high by 28 pixels wide.

Has anyone implemented this sort of thing and can suggest a size that is
more than just pulled-out-of-the-air like mine? Do any of you implement the
16x16 "favicon" for IE5 and think that would be more appropriate? Or maybe
there's another appropriate standard to adopt?

Eric Hellman
Openly Informatics, Inc.
http://www.openly.com/           Tools for 21st Century Scholarly Publishing

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