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[Ref-Links] Paper on the "appropriate copy" problem

One of the topics raised but not pursued in any depth in the two reference
linking meetings sponsored by NISO/DLF/SSP/NFAIS is how link resolution
will work when more than one institution provides access to copies of the
same electronic article.  (Bill Arms has been referring to this as the
"Harvard Problem".)  

This summer a subcommittee of the Digital Library Federation along with
some invited guests met for a morning to consider this issue.  The group
analyzed 3 possible solutions which fit within the general model of
reference linking that was articulated in the earlier meetings.  

The attached paper describes these three models, and is being distributed
for review and comment, and to solicit expressions of interest from
individuals or institutions in pursuing the discussion to the next step
(which is not necessarily limited to the options described in this paper).
Comments or expressions of interest can be sent to this list or to either
of the paper's authors:

	pcaplan@nersp.nerdc.ufl.edu(Priscilla Caplan)	
	dale_flecker@harvard.edu(Dale Flecker)

For those attendiing the upcoming meeting of the Coalition for Networked
Information in December, we hope there will be a project briefing session
on the reference linking model and on the "appropriate copy" issue.  Join
us if you can!

DLFarch harvard problem.doc

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Associate Director for Planning and Research
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