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[Ref-Links] YAHC: Handle Parameters, DOI Genres, etc

Please excuse the (multiple) cross-postings but I just wanted to get this
out there for discussion as a working demo of handle multiple resolution,
parameter passing, DOI genres, etc. Works with any handle (or DOI :).
Feedback more than welcome.



YAHC - Yet Another Handle Client - is a handle (& DOI) technology demonstrator which aims to show:

- Resolution of a single handle value to multiple data values

- Handle parameter passing using a native URI Reference syntax for handles and their parameters

- A generalized and extensible architecture for DOI which is visualized through the new YAHC Virtuality interface and which provides for:

     DOI genres (CrossRef DOIs are auto detected and assigned to a CrossRef genre)

     Additional support for DOI registration agencies, IP masks, handle clients

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