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[Ref-Links] Link.Openly Server

Link.Openly Server is now available for free, general use on our 
production servers


Link.Openly Server is a web version of our software that implements 
the S-Link-S Specification (http://www.openly.com/slinks/SLinkS.html) 
for bibliographic URL templates.

for example, the following link will compute links for SwetsNetNavigator:

this link will calculate an article OpenURL:

Link.Openly Server also accepts bibliographic input as  OpenURL GET 
requests; one possible use of the server is to build an OpenURL 
interface for a resource.

If sufficient bibliographic data is present to compute the link, the 
user is redirected immediately, if not, the user is prompted for more 

Have fun!

Eric Hellman
Openly Informatics, Inc.
http://www.openly.com/           21st Century Information Infrastructure
LinkBaton: Your Links that Learn     http://my.linkbaton.com/

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