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[Ref-Links] DOI Infrastructure in RDF

Look away now if technology is not your bag ;-)

I'm mailing out a slightly revised version of the DOI Infrastructure
proposal for comment. Chief amendment is the addition of 2 annexes which
(attempt to) give complete RDF descriptions both of the architecture and of
the underlying schema. As far as I can tell with my limited experience
these seem to be OK but would value any feedback. The syntax is abbreviated
by using typed nodes and defaulting the "rdf" namespace. For the rest, the
XML holds up fine and they seem to generate the 3-tuple sets correctly
under the SiRPAC RDF parser and compiler - see below.

The RDF descriptions are also available online at:

     http://www2.harcourt-international.com/~tony/rdf/doi.rdf (RDF instance)
     http://www2.harcourt-international.com/~tony/schema/doi-schema-2001-01-12.rdfs (RDF schema)

Some other minor changes are the tightening up of some names (eg
"doi:10.agent/registry" is now "doi:10.registry/agents", etc., the master
registry is now "doi:10.registry/global" and the alias "doi:10/10" is
pointed onto this for convenience.) Links in the Word document have been
corrected and the YAHC client has been updated:

     http://www2.harcourt-international.com/~tony/yahc (Yet Another Handle Client)

Other comments:

1. There is some confusion in the profile schema values. The graph shows
"doi:10.schema" and "doi:schemaDoc" properties as referencing a structural
schema (here the CrossRef DTD and rule set - later this would be replaced
by an XML Schema), whereas the tables and the RDF show a "doi:schema"
property as referencing a semantic schema (here the RDF schema). Not sure
which is right. Perhaps both types of schema need to be referenced - but
then how to distinguish? Not sure also whether a "doi:schemaDoc" poperty is
over the top - could be that the single property "doi:schema" suffices for
all descriptions (DTDs, rule sets, etc).

2. The "administrative" or "service"-type DOIs to implement DOI agents,
clients, profiles, types etc are marked off from application specific DOIs
(ie those identifying an IP entity) by having a DOI application profile of
"doi:profile/null". This might perhaps be better represented by something
like "doi:profile/service" or similar as infrastructure might be considered
a particular application.

Anyway - your comments are appreciated.


(See attached file: DOI Infrastructure.doc)

% java -Dorg.xml.sax.parser=com.ibm.xml.parser.SAXDriver org.w3c.rdf.SiRPAC ../doi.rdf
triple("http://www2.harcourt-international.com/~tony/schema/doi-schema-2001-01-12#label","file:../doi.rdf#genid5","DOI Global Regist
triple("http://www2.harcourt-international.com/~tony/schema/doi-schema-2001-01-12#description","file:../doi.rdf#genid5","The DOI glo
bal registry which manages all registries registered with the DOI handle application.").

DOI Infrastructure.doc