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[Ref-Links] RE: [Discuss-DOI] Open for Business

I don't get it. What makes one particular URI "the actual link" or "the
complete link"?

Can you provide an illustrative example?

Kind regards,
Peter Ring

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Here's a forward take on DOI. Talks to the scope issue.

What do we get when a DOI is "resolved"? Right now we get  a URL. Looks
like a link. But it's not. It's just part of a link, a link component.
Where you end up after following (or traversing) a link. So, today content
providers are using DOI technology to effectively "publish" their link
targets (or destinations). 

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Now what if? What if instead of publishing just the link targets, we get to
"publish" complete links, ie we expose to public view the actual links.

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