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Re: [Ref-Links] RE: [Discuss-DOI] Open for Business


A URI is *not* a link. A URI identifies a resource. But a DOI is both a URI
in its own right and can also manage other resources (identified by URI)
and so manage the links between those resources.

One could ask why is this different from an HTML page which has embedded
links. The answer must be that the HTML page is an "unmanaged" resource
which is hosted by a single organization. A DOI on the other hand is
registered in a "managed" system and the resources that are published along
with the DOI are defined in an application specific manner across a common
business sector so that participating organizations can speak the same

Below is an example of a DOI type object which manages 2 URLs. (This is
written out as an RDF description using a minimalist syntax but should give
some idea.) That's what I'm calling a link.


  DObject <doi:10.1234/567> =>
      profile => <1014/10.system/profile.zero>
          resource => <http://www.doi.org>
          label => "IDF"
          detail => "International DOI Foundation."
          access => "default"
          resource => <http://www.cnri.reston.va.us>
          label => "CNRI"
          detail => "Corporation for National Research Initiatives."

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I don't get it. What makes one particular URI "the actual link" or "the
complete link"?

Can you provide an illustrative example?

Kind regards,
Peter Ring

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Here's a forward take on DOI. Talks to the scope issue.

What do we get when a DOI is "resolved"? Right now we get  a URL. Looks
like a link. But it's not. It's just part of a link, a link component.
Where you end up after following (or traversing) a link. So, today content
providers are using DOI technology to effectively "publish" their link
targets (or destinations).

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Now what if? What if instead of publishing just the link targets, we get to
"publish" complete links, ie we expose to public view the actual links.

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