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[Ref-Links] Re: [Discuss-DOI] Open for Business


The scope is *not* just hyperlinking. And not about HTML. It is more
general. It is about enabling value-add services built upon agent-based
technologies. We're looking to assert key *relationships* between the
entities we've identified with a DOI and to make those associations
publicly available as strategic (or open) links.


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tony_hammond@harcourt.com wrote:
> Now what if? What if instead of publishing just the link targets, we get
> "publish" complete links, ie we expose to public view the actual links.
> This could be a useful strategy for a content provider who wants to
> establish a relationship between entities in a platform independent

But the link source, at least in HTML, is not just a URL or URI, it's a
location, a range of characters on the page. There was some extension of
HTTP/HTML called Hyper-G a while back that I believe worked by keeping
the links actually separate from the documents, but as far as I can tell
it died out from being too complex to be useful. It seems to me to do
anything of this sort you have to move to a hyperlinking model different
from that of HTML, and that's not exactly going to be easy to persuade
anyone to adopt, especially for relatively marginal gains.

               Arthur Smith (apsmith@aps.org)

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