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[Ref-Links] Ref-Links e-mail Discussion List Closing

The Ref-Links e-mail discussion list is now closing, and I will
automatically unsubcribe you from the list. 
Announcement from Norman Paskin, on behalf of IDF/DLF/NISO:

This moderated list to discuss all aspects of linking between
electronic journals was initiated and sponsored jointly by the
International DOI Foundation, National Information Standards
Organization, and Digital Library Federation.  A major topic of the
list was linking to the appropriate copy, resulting in the successful
outcome of a prototype described in paper in Dlib Magazine
(<http://www.dlib.org/dlib/september01/caplan/09caplan.html>).  Since
then there have been further developments in which most of us are
active, such as the NISO OpenURL and Digital Reference Services
activities, which have taken up and are developing further some themes
from this topic in more detail; the reflinks list has served its

If you wish to remain on a DOI related discussion list you may wish to
join discuss-doi at <http://www.doi.org/announce.html>.   For
information on NISO's Digital Reference Services see
<http://www.niso.org/news/NISOinitiatives.html>. For information on
NISO Committee AX (Development of an OpenURL Standard) see
<http://library.caltech.edu/openurl/Working_Documents.htm>.  You may
also be interested in the upcoming NISO/NFAIS Workshop on Reference
Linking, February 24 in Philadelphia.

To those who have contributed to the list over the past months, our
thanks. We are pleased that the list has resulted in active progress
in this topic. IDF will maintain the messages archive.  

Norman Paskin
Director, IDF

Ref-Links maillist  -  Ref-Links@doi.org