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DOI News
September 2002
  1. TSO (The Stationery Office) appointed as Digital Object Identifier Registration Agency
  2. Multilingual European DOI Registration Agency project initiated
  3. MPEG Rights Data Dictionary standard finalised
  4. Forthcoming events: Interparty workshop, Supply Chain Seminar, Mobile DRM conference
The International DOI Foundation announces the appointment of TSO ( The Stationery Office) as a DOI Registration Agency For the past 30 years TSO has operated as the de facto bibliographer for the UK Government in the printed word -- issuing 13,000 ISBNs per annum and maintaining inventory and metadata describing over a quarter of a million official documents and reports, available through its online bookstore and traditional delivery infrastructure.
With the introduction of DOIs into the UK official sector, fundamental information management problems can now be overcome enabling all identifier types to be linked and metadata to be systematically organised across distributed digital environments.
The UK official sector is widely distributed and has a driving need to create interoperability across its networks as well as with the private sector and the citizen. The use of DOIs will vastly simplify the software development task of suppliers and public sector IT staff and help to solve the conundrum faced by information managers in Government of how to manage information across distributed networks and to harvest and update metadata. Use of DOIs ensures integration with international standards and enables UK information assets to be networked globally and interoperably.
TSO Director Shane O'Neill said: "TSO, sitting neutrally across Government and collecting and distributing information to and from every Government department and agency is in a unique position to help the entire official and regulatory sector, both clients and suppliers, to implement persistent identifier solutions."
We welcome TSO into the IDF community. The application of DOIs to public sector information through TSO's deep experience and trusted position is a very welcome step in the evolution of the DOI system, and one which demonstrates that the use of identifiers is key in all areas of information management. TSO's position in the UK public sector makes it an ideal Registration Agency and an addition to our now wide-ranging list of internationally-based DOI implementors.
A multi-million Euro project funded by the European Commission to create a multi-application Multilingual European DOI Registration Agency (EDRA) is now underway. MEDRA is co-ordinated by the AIE, Associazione Italiana Editori (Italian Publishers Association) and involves as partners significant representatives of the publishing community in France, Germany and Spain.
MEDRA aims to develop the first multi-lingual and multiple-application DOI-RA. MEDRA's objective is to build up an agency or a network of agencies developing a number of applications and targeting multi-lingual content production, also taking into account the requirements of small and medium enterprises. The system will be promoted first in Italy, Germany, Spain and France, but is designed to be applicable elsewhere. The International DOI Foundation has endorsed the development of MEDRA, and will work with the MEDRA consortium in developing proposals to appoint the resulting initiative as one of the DOI Registration Agencies. MEDRA will provide significant assistance in working through practical issues arising in cross-language and cross-media DOI applications.
System implementation is planned to start in March 2003 in order to have a fully operative agency by November 2003. For further information see the press release.
In November 2001, we announced that IDF was a founding sponsor of a Consortium to develop a Rights Data Dictionary -- a common dictionary or vocabulary for intellectual property rights (indecs2RDD) (see IDF Service Announcement 11-01 MAJOR ORGANIZATIONS TO DEVELOP DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT (DRM) STANDARD). This work was adopted as the basis of the ISO MPEG-21 Rights data Dictionary. The "Committee Draft" (i.e., final version submitted as a formal standard, completing the development process) of the ISO MPEG-21 Rights Data Dictionary, which complements the indecs approach used as the basis of the DOI metadata, was completed on 9 August 2002. (To view the draft, please see and click on the link to Part 5.6: MPEG-21 Rights Data Dictionary CD.)
IDF is a partner in the INTERPARTY project, an EC funded project to design and specify a framework for the unique identification of parties (natural and corporate names) in the Intellectual Property e-commerce chain. The IDF is participating in INTERPARTY as it forms a natural complement to our work, and is a complementary development of the indecs metadata framework. Full management of rights in the e-commerce chain will need identification not only of resources but also of parties. An open workshop on the INTERPARTY project is to be held in London on 30 Sept/1 October and we invite anyone interested in this topic to attend:

Interparty Conference; 30 September - 1 October 2002; London (Agenda and Registration Details).

DOI will be presented at two forthcoming conferences:

Frankfurt Supply Chain Meeting; 8 October 2002, Frankfurt Book Fair (see
Mobile Digital Rights Management: Turning the requirement for DRM into a significant business opportunity; 27 - 28 November 2002; London (see )
The DOI is a system for interoperably identifying and exchanging intellectual property in the digital environment. A DOI assigned to content enhances a content producer's ability to trade electronically. It provides a framework for managing content in any form at any level of granularity, for linking customers with content suppliers, for facilitating electronic commerce, and enabling automated copyright management for all types of media. The International DOI Foundation, a non-profit organization, manages development, policy and licensing of the DOI to registration agencies and technology providers and advises on usage and development of related services and technologies. The DOI system uses open standards with a standard syntax (ANSI/NISO Z39.84) and is currently used by leading international technology and content organizations.
This is a service announcement for the International Digital Object Identifier Foundation and has been prepared to increase your awareness about important developments to enable digital copyright management of intellectual property. For more information, please send your request to
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