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Existing Registration Agencies

We are an international community of communities bound by a common interest in persistent infrastructure. So far, we have welcomed agencies that manage communities spanning entertainment, standards, the built environment, natural history collections, scholarly communications and research data.
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Airiti DOI is a Taiwan-based registration agency operated by Airiti, which is a service provider deeply involved in the scholarly community of the Chinese-speaking area. They manage applications to Chinese and English materials, incorporating the DOI into the digital publishing process, saving time and money for their members and partners. In addition to DOI registration services, Airiti DOI also develops and provides value-added services that support academic publishing, such as DOI Resolution, DOI Data Finder (search DOI names and metadata), DOI resolution data download, and Cited by Link.

Airiti DOI Website

BSI Identify is a service operated by BSI to provide unambiguous identification for products and the long-term persistent storage of associated product information that can be accessed using a digital ID called a UPIN (Unique Persistent Identification Number). The service provides a consistent approach to identification of construction products that supports the industry as it continues to digitize and addresses critical safety issues.

BSI Identify Website

Chinese DOI is a DOI registration service jointly run by ISTIC & Wanfang Data, and it was the first DOI RA in China and Asia. It mainly provides DOI registration, resolution and other value-added services to Chinese publishers, research institutions, service providers and researchers for research content such as academic journals, scientific data, dissertations, books, conference proceedings, preprints, etc. ISTIC (Institute of Science and Technology Information of China) is a national public beneficial research institute under the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and Wanfang Data (Wanfang Data Co., Ltd. & Wanfang Data CORP. (INTL) LTD) is the leading science and technology information service provider in China.

Chinese DOI Website

China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) manages China-based information resources, including Chinese politics, economics, humanities, social science, science, and technology. CNKI publishes databases containing e-journals, newspapers, dissertations, proceedings, yearbooks, references works, and more.

CNKI Website

Crossref is a global community infrastructure making all kinds of research objects easy to find, assess, and reuse through a number of services critical to research communications. Their over 19,000 members come from 151 countries and their ~150 million DOI records contribute to the collective vision of a rich and reusable open network of relationships connecting research organizations, people, things, and actions; a scholarly record that the global community can build on forever, for the benefit of society.

Crossref Website

DataCite is a global non-profit organization that provides DOIs for research data and all other research outputs. By assigning DataCite DOIs, research outputs become discoverable and associated metadata is made available to the community. DataCite develops additional services to make it easy to connect and share research outputs with the broader research ecosystem and to assess the use of outputs within that ecosystem. All organizations within the research community can join DataCite to start registering DOIs.

DataCite Website

The Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) provides identification services for Content Identifers and Video Service Identifers. Content IDs are a registry of movies, television shows, radio programs, podcasts, and other audio/video assets of commercial, cultural, historic, or scientific interest. Video Service IDs are a registry of content delivery services including terrestrial broadcast channels, satellite delivery channels, cable television networks, Internet streaming services, etc. EIDR IDs are commonly used for process automation, linked data, engineering standards, academic citation, universal search, and so forth.

EIDR Website

Human & Digital (HAND) is a Talent Identifier built for the business requirements of Hollywood & sports. By identifying Legal Entity Humans, Licensed Virtual Humans, and Fictional Characters, HAND provides the interoperable Talent ID the industry needs for historical, present, and future uses.

HAND website

The Japan Link Center (JaLC) provides public information services to promote science and technology in Japan. Scientific and academic metadata and content from holders nationwide, including national institutes, universities, government organizations, and commercial publishers. Operated by Japan Science and Technology Agency, National Institute of Material Science, National Institute of Informatics, and National Diet Library. Collaboration with Crossref and DataCite for global distribution.

JaLC Website

The Korean DOI Center is operated by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI). They collect bibliographic information of Korean science and technology information and data, including journal articles, proceedings, official Government documents, Korean patent information, R&D Reports and traditional Korean knowledge. In addition, the Korean DOI Center promotes the use of the collected information and data in Korea and improve access to Korean research achievements.

Korean DOI Center Website

The multilingual European DOI Registration Agency (mEDRA) is a persistent citation system for Internet documents. Relation tracking between intellectual property entities. Certification of voluntary deposit including time stamping and digital signatures.

mEDRA Website

The Publications Office of the European Union (OP) is the official publisher of the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the European Union. As such, it is responsible for assigning DOI names to content produced by these clients. Types of content currently covered by this service include official EU publications, online journal articles, datasets and grants.

OP Website