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DOI News
March 2004
In this issue:
  1. R. R. Bowker appointed as DOI Registration Agency
  2. DOI Foundation recommended as MPEG RDD authority
  3. New DOI applications
  4. Focus Report "DOI in 2004" published
  5. DOI factsheets on numbering and data dictionaries available
The International DOI Foundation has announced the appointment of R. R. Bowker, part of Cambridge Information Group, as a DOI Registration Agency. R. R. Bowker will begin to offer, from later this year, DOI-based services that have direct benefits in online marketing and product development, digital rights management, and supply chain management. Having recently acquired Pubnet, Pubeasy and Simba Information, Bowker and CIG are committed to expanding their product and service offerings to the publisher market and view the DOI as an integral part of those offerings. R. R. Bowker is the ISBN agency for the USA.
For further information, see the full press release: "R. R. Bowker appointed as DOI Registration Agency".
The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), a working group of ISO/IEC, includes the MPEG-21 "Multimedia Framework" which includes several components of digital rights management technology standardisation. At last week's MPEG plenary meeting a resolution proposing the appointment of the International DOI Foundation as the Registration Authority for the MPEG Rights Data Dictionary was passed; if approved by a ballot of national bodies, the IDF will be confirmed as the appointee. This role is entirely complementary and supportive of DOI's use of Data Dictionary methodology in developing, and having adopted as baseline technology, the concepts of interoperable metadata as a solution to MPEG's call for a common dictionary or vocabulary for intellectual property rights.
For further information see the the DOI Factsheet "DOI and data dictionaries". For information on MPEG see the MPEG home page.
TSO has announced the provision of DOI services for the online picture library Fotolibra. Fotolibra provides professional image buyers with online access to aggregated commercial and private picture stocks. It provides a rapid download service for advertising agencies, media companies, and PR planners; and also a service for semi-professional and amateur photographers to put digital images online, and receive royalties on usage.
Content Directions Inc. (CDI) has announced that ibooks, ipicturebooks and childrens e-library, a publishing operation affiliated with Time Warner Trade Publishing, will register DOIs for all of its books. ibooksTM harnesses digital technology to get its books published with shorter lead times and Internet promotion; ipicturebooks is the number one brand for children's e-Books on the Internet. The DOI enhances both these missions by making it easier for customers to find and buy books through a single menu, and by "viral marketing" through a customer adding DOIs as a link on their own website.
For further information see:
The consulting firm EPS has published a Focus Report "DOI in 2004". Supported by expert opinion, this strategic report compares the DOI with other current identifier standards worldwide, and reflects both its greater value and the reasons why 2004 may see tipping points that will result in further widescale adoption. The report also addresses the advantages of standards-based over proprietary systems for persistent linking, even within internal systems; customer Return on Investment considerations through case studies; and the advantages of DOI's international policy & governance structure.
For further information, see: Focus Report "DOI in 2004". Excerpts of the report are also available on the DOI web.
Two additional DOI factsheets have been published:
  • "DOI and Standard Numbering Schemes" discusses how the DOI System complements any existing standard identifier scheme in use by a particular community or area of interest (such as ISBN, ISTC, etc.).
  • "DOI and Data Dictionaries" explains what a data dictionary is, how DOI makes use of the concept to allow existing metadata to be re-used and mapped, and the role of DOI with the MPEG Rights Data Dictionary and other standard tools.
These new documents are freely available from the "Factsheets" page of the DOI web site.
The DOI is a system for interoperably identifying and exchanging intellectual property in the digital environment. A DOI assigned to content enhances a content producer's ability to trade electronically. It provides a framework for managing content in any form at any level of granularity, for linking customers with content suppliers, for facilitating electronic commerce, and enabling automated copyright management for all types of media. The International DOI Foundation, a non-profit organization, manages development, policy and licensing of the DOI to registration agencies and technology providers and advises on usage and development of related services and technologies. The DOI system uses open standards with a standard syntax (ANSI/NISO Z39.84) and is currently used by leading international technology and content organizations.
This is a service announcement for the International Digital Object Identifier Foundation and has been prepared to increase your awareness about important developments to enable digital copyright management of intellectual property. For more information, please send your request to
Updated 4 September 2004

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