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[Ref-Links] Proprietary Scheme

Below is an excerpt from a mailing list regarding DOI as an unknown URI
scheme. I have to say that I fully agree with this position. If DOI is to
achieve any outreach to other communities it must own up to a public
registration with IANA. It is my understanding that the namespace can be
registered both as a URI scheme ("doi:") and as a URN scheme ("urn:doi:")
thus sidestepping any conflict between the two. Is there any holding factor
in proceeding with this registration now?

Curious as ever :)

> xmlns:doi="doi:1014/10.1000/system.schema.2001-07-26#"

Ugh, an unregistered URI scheme? URI schemes are one of the most valuable
resources that the Web has to offer, and should not be created on a whim
[1]. They should only be created when there is a well-defined requirement
for them, i.e. that a URN namespace won't do, and that the objects cannot
be identified to a degree of satisfaction by any other URI scheme. If your
identifiers are that useful that they need an entirely new URI scheme, then
I'd love to hear the reasons, but if not, would you consider registering a
URN namespace with the IETF?


[1] I'm going into severe hypocrite mode there, seeing as how I've made
plenty... but none on a proprietary basis, all for intended global uses.

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