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Re: [Ref-Links] Proprietary Scheme

I second Tony.

doi  is almost ideally set up for use as an xml namespace URI with 2 

1. some namespace group would need to register a prefix for use by 
people who don't have access to a prefix (99.999% of xml developers)
2. The doi standard did not define a syntax for a "doi:" URI (it 
would take about an hour to write up an RFC; just some encoding 
issues to deal with)

I suspect that this second reason is also why IANA can't register 
doi: as a URI scheme


At 12:31 PM +0100 9/17/01, tony_hammond@harcourt.com wrote:
>Below is an excerpt from a mailing list regarding DOI as an unknown URI
>scheme. I have to say that I fully agree with this position. If DOI is to
>achieve any outreach to other communities it must own up to a public
>registration with IANA. It is my understanding that the namespace can be
>registered both as a URI scheme ("doi:") and as a URN scheme ("urn:doi:")
>thus sidestepping any conflict between the two. Is there any holding factor
>in proceeding with this registration now?
>Curious as ever :)
>>  xmlns:doi="doi:1014/10.1000/system.schema.2001-07-26#"
>Ugh, an unregistered URI scheme? URI schemes are one of the most valuable
>resources that the Web has to offer, and should not be created on a whim
>[1]. They should only be created when there is a well-defined requirement
>for them, i.e. that a URN namespace won't do, and that the objects cannot
>be identified to a degree of satisfaction by any other URI scheme. If your
>identifiers are that useful that they need an entirely new URI scheme, then
>I'd love to hear the reasons, but if not, would you consider registering a
>URN namespace with the IETF?
>[1] I'm going into severe hypocrite mode there, seeing as how I've made
>plenty... but none on a proprietary basis, all for intended global uses.
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