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[Ref-Links] 1Cate Adapter for CrossRef

We're announcing today our 1Cate Adapter for CrossRef.  1Cate Adapter 
for CrossRef is the first commercially available software designed to 
simplify integration of the CrossRef Linking system into Digital 

press release: http://www.openly.com/pr/pr15.html
web page:  http://www.openly.com/crossref/

Of special interest to this list is the inclusion in  this package of 
the CNRI handle client, so that libraries will be able to resolve the 
doi's natively through the handle system.




New software simplifies use of CrossRef in libraries

Bloomfield, New Jersey - October 17, 2001 - Openly Informatics, Inc. 
(http://www.openly.com/) today revealed a new tool that will simplify 
the use of the CrossRef linking system in CrossRef Affiliate 

CrossRef was conceived as a technology to transform the flow of 
information and ideas everywhere, by offering the scientific and 
scholarly community a milestone for online publishing -- a 
collaborative reference linking service -- through which a researcher 
can click on a reference citation in a journal and immediately access 
the cited article. CrossRef links are widely being adopted by 
publishers to enable reference linking. Although libraries have been 
eligible for affiliate membership in CrossRef for almost a year, 
1Cate Adapter for CrossRef is the first commercially available 
software designed to help integrate the CrossRef system into the 
library digital environment.

1Cate Adapter for CrossRef lets a patron of an affiliate library 
retrieve links, manually or automatically, to over 3 million articles 
using bibliographic metadata, such as journal name, volume and page 

"1Cate Adapter for CrossRef, along with our other cutting edge 
software components, provides cross-platform, open-standards based 
technology for tomorrow's digital library -- today. Together with the 
CrossRef system, it's another step towards our goal of one click 
access to everything." said Openly's President, Eric Hellman.

"We are excited to have Openly Informatics as a CrossRef Affiliate, 
and we hope that they will help many more libraries take advantage of 
CrossRef linking." said Ed Pentz, Executive Director of CrossRef.

About Openly Informatics

Openly Informatics, Inc., is a leader in the development of 
hyperlinking solutions. 1Cate (1 Click Access To Everything!) 
(http://www.openly.com/1cate/), is Openly standards-based localized 
linking server that directs users to a library's "appropriate copy". 
Information on Openly Informatics, Inc. is available at Openly's 
web-site, http://www.openly.com/

For more information, contact:
Eric Hellman,
Openly Informatics, Inc

About CrossRef

CrossRef, (http://www.crossref.org/) which was established by 
scholarly publishers as an independent, non-profit membership entity 
in 1999, uses open standards. It is an official registration agency 
of the International DOI Foundation (IDF), and is the first 
full-scale implementation of the DOI system.

For more information, contact:
Amy Brand,
Director of Business Development
781-359-2435; Fax: 781-221-8456

Eric Hellman
Openly Informatics, Inc.
http://www.openly.com/1cate/      1 Click Access To Everything
http://my.linkbaton.com/                Links that Learn
http://addaflag.org/                        Raise the Flag on your Website

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